True luxury also means caring for the environment

Our Efforts

Cruise New Zealand has extraordinarily high environmental standards to uphold. Our home is in some of the finest cruising grounds in the world with crystal clear waters and pristine golden sand beaches. We take our responsibility to keep them that way as an absolute priority. That’s why we endeavour to minimise our environmental impact – from the design and construction of our vessels to your experience on board.

Some of our vessels include the following features:

  • Ride control to minimise wake, less harm to beaches and foreshores
  • Fuel efficient hull design
  • Sustainable materials
  • On board wastewater treatment system
  • Desalinator to alter seawater to fresh for on board use
  • Glass to sand bottle crusher
  • Chilled still and sparkling water taps minimising the use of plastic bottles
  • Silent ship time
  • Environmentally safe cleaning materials and products used exclusively.

We practice sustainable fishing and seafood collection and also support Live Ocean and LegaSea in their environmental efforts to protect New Zealand waters.